Founder, QUALIFOOD Academy s.r.o.

Miroslav Šuška

Miroslav is an experienced IFS Food and BRC Food auditor who has been working for several international certification bodies and managed own DAkkS accredited certification body focused on IFS certifications. He also worked quality manager in a multinational food company and as a consultant, he helped many companies to implement their quality and food safety management system, including Nestlé, Nutricia, Bongrain, Yoplait, and many more. He was appointed as IFS representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and at the same time, he performs IFS Integrity audits on behalf of IFS Management GmbH.


  • When I will get access to the course?

    You will first create your account allowing you to log in to the training platform. Once you register for free course or pay for the paid course, you will receive an email confirmation and your access is granted immediately.

  • May I access the same course repeatedly?

    Yes, definitely! Your access is valid lifelong which for IT solutions means at least 3 years after you registered to the course. For membership site, access is for at least 12 months.

  • Will I receive any certificate at the end?

    Yes, we are aware it is necessary for you to obtain evidence of the training. At the end of each training, after passing the exam, you will receive the certificate of attendance with your name.

  • Is there any feedback to know if my answers in quiz or exam were correct?

    It is very important for us to provide you with feedback from every quiz or exam. Therefore you will receive immediate information for each question if your answer was correct or not, together with an explanation. This will help you to better understand the content of the training.

  • Is it possible to ask questions during the training?

    Yes, there is discussion option for every lesson of training, and anyone can ask a question and discuss it here. We will receive an email once anyone asks a question or made a comment which allows us prompt reaction. There is no bad question and any feedback is welcomed!

IFS Food: How to Successfully Pass the Assessment

Book by Miroslav Šuška

The only book available on the market explaining whole IFS Food version 7 standard, requirement by requirement. Ideal guide for implementation. Developed in close co-operation with IFS Management GmbH, technically reviewed by IFS Food Standard Manager. Practical approach with a large number of non-conformities and deviations examples based on experiences from real IFS Food certification audits across the globe. Available since October 2020 in English. Other languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech) will be available between November 2020 and March 2021).